Tired of having to do your own payroll, even for one person, yourself? Our firm would be happy to take on the workload. Our payroll services include human resources, direct deposit, and payroll taxes. At our price, the time you can save is worth every penny. All you do is send us the numbers and we will do the rest. No more payroll software, painfully huge payroll companies, entering new employees, adjusting employee changes, printing checks, or worrying about entering info within Quickbooks, we will provide an upload file. Simple and easy.

Note. There are many cheap payroll service companies but Brandi Broadnax Accountancy is a custom payroll and full-service payroll company, one of the few.  Which makes us a satisfaction guaranteed provider, think of us as you would a full-service gas station.

We use different payroll software in accordance with our clients this includes Intuit Payroll, Paycheck Manager, Xero Payroll, and Gusto. We also have our own in-house payroll software. In any case, our firm choices the best option for our client’s needs.