We are a full-service bookkeeping firm. Our expertise is in virtual bookkeeping management and consulting. We provide short and long term bookkeeping services. Our clients range from Individuals, Freelancers, Consultants, Graphic Design Firms, Real Estate Firms, to Home Health Care Companies.


Q. How can virtual bookkeeping work:

A. We are a 100% virtual-based firm. We work with clients using online or remote accounting software such as Quickbooks Online/Desktop Remote, Peachtree Remote, Compeat, and Wave/Xero. We setup a dropbox file sharing system (cloud filing cabinet), and we work with such programs as google drive, and Skype conferencing.


Q. Do I get assigned an Agent or Bookkeeper within your Firm:

A. No, we are more or less a “one-person shop” for most clients. Well, we do have assistants who work on varies tasks that don’t require the Accountant’s direct participation such as Administrative duties, every client is handled, you will be notified in advance.

Exceptions: financial accounting, tax preparation, and payroll.


Q. How will I know if your firm can handle my company:

A. Call us, we are very sincere with all prospective clients. We work with companies who are looking for individualized attention, staff accountant style bookkeeping, and/or controller.

We specialize in growing and consulting with small businesses and individuals that we provide bookkeeping services to. We work on understanding and developing their goals and directing them in ways to make these goals a reality, whether through cost analysis and/ or financial reviews with each client. Our clients enjoy our hands-on and “24-7” accessibility, they have access to extra services such as accounting questions, consultation, and assistance in business or tax issues.